Tubing mascaras: “The eye makeup trend brands must meet” says IL Cosmetics
July 3, 2024

In the ever-evolving world of beauty, IL Cosmetics listens and monitors to emerging and underlying trends. As it will present its latest innovations and products next week at MakeUp in Paris, the Luxembourg manufacturer says that as far as eye makeup is concerned, the big trend of the moment is tubing mascara.

“This innovation is capturing the attention of makeup enthusiasts and influencers alike on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, thanks to its unparalleled performance and convenience” explains Juanita Parra, Marketing Manager Make Up at IL Cosmetics.

Tubing mascaras have become a major trend in beauty, thanks their long-lasting wear and effortless removal. They are the epitome of a cosmetic product designed for the modern, fast-paced lifestyle. Unlike traditional mascaras, tubing mascaras form tiny tubes around each lash, providing smudge-proof, flake-free wear that lasts all day. Their removal process is equally impressive: lukewarm water is the only stuff consumers need, no makeup remover is required.

when innovation meets lifestyles

Today’s consumers demand products that can keep up with their busy schedules, and tubing mascaras deliver just that. They offer superior resistance to sweat and light rain, making them perfect for any situation, from a vigorous workout to a busy day at the office. The removal process also creates a “wow” effect that’s perfect for social media, as users can easily demonstrate the simplicity and effectiveness of the product.

At the heart of these so unique mascaras is a formulation technology that includes waxes and specific polymers. The formula coats each lash, creating a long-lasting film that stretches lashes to their maximum length and volume. Throughout the day, this film remains unchanged, providing continuous wear without smudging or flaking. When it’s time to remove the mascara, the film swells upon contact with warm water and slides off effortlessly, leaving lashes clean and free from residue.

a new generation of clean formulation

However, IL Cosmetics warns against some confusion that are common in the market regarding the properties of tubing mascaras. “Unlike waterproof mascaras, tubing mascaras are not designed to withstand complete submersion in water, such as swimming or sauna sessions. It’s crucial for brands to provide clear and accurate information to avoid misleading consumers. IL Cosmetics is committed to transparency and reliability in their product claims,” highlights Christophe Delas, Director of Make Up development and strategy.

As a leading expert in mascara, IL Cosmetics produces and develops millions of mascara units annually, including a range of ready to market innovative tubing mascara formulations.

This new generation of tubing mascaras are PEG- free and do not contain styrene derivatives and some of them contain over 80% natural ingredients. These formulations are “Clean at Sephora”, “Clean at Ulta” and Credo, and vegan compliant, aligning with the growing demand for cleaner, more natural beauty products.

With this new offering, IL Cosmetics is not only setting a new standard in mascara performance but also championing a more natural approach to beauty. Our tubing mascaras provide the perfect blend of long lasting, ease of use, and gentle formulation, making them an ideal choice for today’s conscious consumer. IL Cosmetics remains at the forefront, innovating with products that meet and exceed the expectations of modern beauty enthusiasts,” concludes Juanita Parra.

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Catarina Lanca